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About Escape2Art


The idea for Escape2Art came about when friends and I spoke about various art courses we had done and shared some similar stories.  I realised that we could all benefit from a truly flexible relaxed art group - something that people could do at short notice, for a couple of hours without too much planning or financial commitment.


As a busy Mum of three I fully recognise that being creative doesn't often take priority. Day to day pressures and duties can seem relentless but after a few hours indulging my creative side and doing some mindful art I often feel ready and able to take it all on again. 


We have a diverse range of people at our sessions - some with hardly any experience of art, others that are more established and benefit from our friendly social environment.  I fit somewhere in between; I studied Art at school and then abandoned all creative pursuits in favour of a recruitment career and family.  I didn't realise how much I missed being 'arty' until I dipped into various courses over the last few years and started being a part-time artist.  I have established Escape2Art as a 'go-to' for people like me - people who enjoy having a creative outlet that will fit into a busy lifestyle. I am passionate about inspiring people to create and energised by the amazing results that we get during our various sessions.  


....There we have it - a truly flexible, friendly and affordable way to enjoy art at all levels.  Why not Escape2Art?

Please have a look at my online shop to see paintings for sale - my endeavours to make art affordable extend to my artwork too and I have some original paintings of my own available direct at very competitive prices.  It's always worth seeing the collection in person too so let me know if you'd like to visit and view. Thanks

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