Beautifully Bizarre Pebeo!

This is beautifully bizarre stuff!

I have spent hours experimenting with some of the new Pebeo Mixed Media products recently and have loved it! These have to be the most exciting new art products on the market. There are endless ways to mix and apply the products and literally thousands of abstract and stunningly contemporary results possible.

The 'paints' - of which there are hundreds of different colours are divided into 'Fantasy Prisme', 'Fantasy Moon' and Vitrail products. The are incredibly vibrant in colour, best poured or dropped onto surfaces and what's most exciting is that the fantasy range are reactive and opalescent. They literally 'self manipulate' while drying (which can take as long as 72 hours) to form these incredibly intricate jewel like patterns. Really beautiful and interesting to do.....stunning on small boards framed in sets...... Watch this space for event news, we've got to do something with these soon!


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