The all new 'Arty Party'

Arty Party!

Aimed at children 8 years old and above

Escape2Art is delighted to bring you a

creative and absorbing new party idea.

During an 'Arty Party' each child is able to create two beautiful art pieces (pre-chosen from a selection) over the course of a 90 minute art session. The image here shows a button initial on canvas board from the last Arty Party, other projects involve: pebble art, decoupage, scratch printing and pointillism. We have carefully selected our mini projects to have some some longevity and value to them so the children get a sense of making something beautiful and valued. Some items can be framed, others used for years to come.

Prices start at £20 per child, (depending on the mini projects chosen) and cost includes set up time, (ideally 40 minutes prior to start of party), all materials for the 2 mini projects, and the clearing up of all things arty. We are able to run the parties in a variety of locations including village halls or private houses where there is space.

Feel free to get in touch to chat through some options or ask to see some samples.

Jo & Kate

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